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Communities of Practice

Our Communities of Practice are committed to continuous quality improvement through the core values and best principles of formalized peer support and lived experience engagement; including the supervision and management of these roles.

The Provincial Peer Network (PPN)

The Provincial Peer Network provides ongoing professional development of peer support staff through intentional collaboration and reflexive practice in order to promote peer values in action in all service settings. Membership is open to peer workers employed by an agency in the province of Ontario.

The Provincial Peer Supervisory Network (PPSN):

The Provincial Peer Supervisory Network (PPSN) focuses on values-based practices and supporting organizations with the implementation and sustainability of formalized peer positions. Membership is open to supervisors, leaders and/or managers in the province of Ontario who support peer positions within mental health and substance use services.

For more information on our Communities of Practice, please email:  centreinfo@supporthouse.ca