Due to COVID-19, the 8th Annual Shine Out! Shout Out! Hockey Tournament in support of our Just be You peer support program will be going virtual with the Stick Together Challenge.

To participate, make a 45 second (max) video of your passes, shots, stops, decks, or dangles – no ice needed! Include the hashtags #StickTogether #JBY #YouthMH.  Once you’ve made your video share it with us on Facebook, @ us on Twitter, tag us on Instagram, or share the video with our hashtags on TikTok! Let’s show that by sticking together we can make a difference for youth mental health.

Next: Challenge 3 of your team-mates, family members, friends, or colleagues; let’s see who has the best, the goofiest, the most entertaining, or most creative submissions.  The Shine Out! Shout Out!  organizing committee will review the submissions and select the best to showcase and win the coveted Stick Together Mini Stick!

You can also help us raise funds for the Just Be You peer support program while you are having fun showing how you #StickTogether for youth mental health. Donations can me made by clicking DONATE.

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